What started as a project for a weekend house ended in a small hotel published in the best magazines around the world.
Casas na Areia is a project from the architect Manuel Aires Mateus.
In the opening year Casas na Areia was chosen to represent Portugal at the Venice Bienal of Architecture 2010.

In order to recover the «soul» of the pre-existent constructions and respecting the local traditions, four separate houses were built: two of wood and reeds, and the other two in white concrete, all with thatched roofs.

Casas na Areia is located 1 hour south from Lisbon in Comporta. This region is known for the magnificent white sandy beaches, the wine, fresh fish and the beautiful rice paddies. It is often called the new Ibiza.

It´s integrated on the natural reserve of river Sado, home to a great variety of wild life such as flamingos, storks and dolphins.

casas na

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