giambattista-valli-hpMAC comes along with an irresistible new line, a sophisticated collection created by Giambattista Valli. The designer channeled his endless fascination with flora and color into a bouquet of five matte lipsticks. (for some shine Crystal Glaze Gloss Lena lends a pearlescent finish to lips.) From whitish-pink (Bianca B) to a sexy black cherry (Eugenie), the romantic range of shades plays off the soft blush, vibrant coral, and classic crimson found in many of the pieces of his latest collection and epitomize the “DNA of GBV,” Valli explained. “I am inspired by flowers from all around the world. If I’m in Kyoto, it’s cherry blossoms. Sometimes in New York you can see the most beautiful tulips. Or in Paris there are roses that feel very Marie Antoinette.” While not everyone is lucky enough to be able to buy the designer’s sumptuous creations adding at least one lipstick to your cosmetics cabinet is now within reach.

giambattista-valli-mac-lipstickFrom left: Lipstick in Bianca B, Margherita, Tats, Charlotte, and Eugenie; Crystal Glaze Gloss in Lena

available July 9 at 

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