World Family Ibiza was created by Merel, a Dutch model, and Alok, a former realtor. Do you believe in fairy tales? Because their story looks like one. During a trip to Ibiza, he was the only one that she saw in the crowd… At that point, a lovestory began and they thought that Ibiza was the perfect place to live.

World  Family Ibiza is a fashion concept created by Alok and Merel with the support of their whole family. Their collection consists of accessories 100% handmade, created from the blend of materials and local traditions from different cultures around the world. The combinations of leathers, embroideries, jewels and other beautiful pieces that had been collected along their family trips make the products special and unique.

After selling their pieces at the ”Las Dalias” hippie market in Ibiza (where you can still find them every summer) World Family Ibiza has made it to the runway in Paris, and has been featured in leading international fashion magazines (Vogue and Elle).

The collection of World Family Ibiza is a true reflection of the life philosophy of Alok, Merel and their family.


lulu bag, chloe bag, shell sandals, namaste bag

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