get the look with kjaer weis certified organic make-up


Effortless glamour with certified organic make-up
• The key to effortless beauty starts with the basics: beautiful skin and a strong brow. Use just enough Foundation to cover any blemishes and even out skintone; fill in the brows with kjaer Angle Brush and a shadow closest to your brow color.
• Next, dust Cloud Nine from lashline to browbone. With the Soft Brush, shade the eyelid with Grace, blending outward past the crease; repeat with the same color using the Definition Brush on the lower lid. Use light, loose strokes when applying the shadow. The object is to create soft, shadowy depth around the eyes. Finish with 2 coats of Organic Mascara.
•For gorgeous cheeks, pat Dazzling Bronzer beneath the curve of the cheekbone, and then a light, fresh pink like Embrace Cream Blush along the actual cheekbone; blend so the two colors feather into each other where they meet.
•Finish the look by using the Cream Blush as a lip color. Press a swipe of Embrace into the lips for a soft, kissable pout.

cloud nine eyeshadow, dazzling bronzer, embrace cream blush, grace eyeshadoworganic mascara

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