Byredo has added three seasonal additions to their permanent line of candles.  Cassis, Prune and Figue Glacée are “inspired by 3 of nature’s most luscious fruits, frozen and preserved in a unique wintery shade of white frosted glass”.


Byredo Figue Glacée Candle. Top Notes: Mediterranean Fig, Redcurrant. Middle Notes: Midnight Violet, Bamboo. Base Notes: Whipped Vanilla Cream, Golden Sandalwood.

Byredo Prune Glacée Candle. Top Notes: Velvet Plum, Acai. Middle Notes: Date, Davana. Base Notes: Birch Tree, Patchouli

Byredo Cassis Glacée Candle. Top Notes: Juniper Berries, Blackcurrant
Middle Notes: Magnotial, Frosted Geranium. Base Notes: Lyche Tree

I love the figue glacée candle with its comforting aroma of whipped vanilla cream and sandalwood!

Find the candles here.



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