Los Angeles-based hat maker Nick Fouquet aka the Mad Hatter  was raised in South of France until the age of 8, moved back to the US for boarding school,  disappeared for 5 months to find himself living and studying in Australia before making his way back to the US to graduate with a BA in Environmemtal Sciene and Sustainable Development from Rollins College. After graduation, Nick again traveled the world with stop overs in Morrocco, Nepal, Peru, New Zealand and Brazil, lived in NY for a short period of time, ended up in Colorado before hat making eventually found him in Los Angeles. His first hat he designed for no less than ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons.

He is a creative who embodies the very essence of living authentically and as a result, spends his time with the people he loves, creating the things he believes in. Designer, Father, Husband, Model and total Hippie with a capital H.

Today, half of Hollywood fights over a custom made Nick Fouquet hat (made of 100% beaver fur felt, which is sustainably harvested in Tennessee and not used by many hat makers) Madonna, Pharell Williams, Bono and Gigi Hadid being among his fans… His badass hats always have a matchstick in them.

Fouquet calls Keith Richards his dream client, and among main achievements calls a hat which he created for his own mother.

“Nick Fouquet is part human part animal. French with a Huck Finn spirit. Part Native American and part psychedlic adventurer. And I will always be a gentleman“.

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