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Wood-fired restaurant rooted in the ingredients of Mundo Maya. On a jungle road along the Caribbean Sea in Tulum Mexico.

The intro on the website really tells you all you need to know:

By necessity, we consider sustainability first and foremost in all our work and in every decision at the restaurant. Solar panels, power our lights and music and every other little thing that keeps the restaurant running. We break down our waste with zero carbon footprint, creating 100 percent organic compost that is used in regenerating the mangrove environment and interior farming.

All cooking is done by open fire within our hand made wood burning oven and grill. Every single ingredient that we touch is deeply rooted within Mundo Maya.

All fish are properly spear hunted within the Caribbean , we use only sustainable fishing methods to ensure a thriving and healthy aquatic life. Proper Marine management is our first concern.

We harvest our colorful, exotic produce from communal Mayan farms called Milpas where we work with the Mayan community in all aspects of our education of organic polyfarming.

Hartwood Tulum is a proud participant in the DIF Program, working to alleviate hunger in Mexico’s rural areas.

Ex-New Yorkers Eric Werner and Mya Henry, the husband-and-wife team behind Tulum’s most beloved restaurant, Hartwood, live in an off-the-grid world of their own making.

What’s not to love?!

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