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Built in the 16th century, this secluded one-room retreat set atop a perfumery caters to all of your senses. Coqui Coqui Valladolid offers views of the beautiful tropical garden, a private pool of fresh water and tailored spa treatments, along with access to thesignature handmade oils, creams, candles and fragrances.

In 2008, Argentine ex-model Nicolas Malleville and his wife, Italian fashion designer Francesca Bonato, opened outposts of their Tulum boutique hotel Coqui Coqui here (there are also locations in Mérida and Coba) along with a perfumery.



The owners accessories designer Francesca Bonato (at left) and her partner, model/perfumer/architect Nico Maleville.



Surrounded by the colorful sights of Valladolid, the suite sits on the charming Calzada de los Frailes, a few blocks away from the main Cathedral and walking distance from the historical Convent of San Bernardino de Siena.

The town’s proximity to Chichén Itzá has long attracted backpack-toting tourists, but artistic expats have turned it into a chic bohemian enclave.

“The Coqui Coqui brand showcases a lifestyle; a cocoon which represents the flora, the earth, the fruit, the woods and the landscape, the folklore and the traditions of the culture:

At the soul of everything is the Yucatan.”

– Nicolas Malleville

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