“Jewelry has always been the most intimate art form. At it’s most basic, a small hoop, it is the simplest and lightest way to adorn the body. These intimate objects have a soul and a meaning behind them. They are of such obvious beauty that they are destined to last in our lives.”  Ana Khouri

Born in Sao Paolo, Ana Khouri spent her formative years between her native Brazil and the United States. Her father, an engineer, granted her with his sagacity, while her mother, a pianist and teacher, communicated to her daughter a passion for the arts. Both attributes have been pivotal in Ana’s life.

For Khouri, designing jewelry is an art; it is about the myriad ways that a piece can take shape on the wearer, and the balance the work creates with the body. She focuses on make pieces that spoke directly to the body.

Ana Khouri, the miriam ear cuff definitely on my wishlist.

Miriam ear cuff


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