GET THE (Glowing Model Off-Duty) LOOK


Get the look with Estelle & Thild, the certified organic brand from Sweden. Founded by Pernilla Rönnberg.

Step 1: Wash your face with a gentle alcohol free cleanser. Opt for a milky formula with nourishing black elderflower to boost radiance and help retain moisture.
Step 2: Put down the face cream and reach for a highly concentrated lightweight serum. Look for a serum that targets hydration for that dewy all day glow. A matte complexion is now your worst enemy. Opt for formulas rich in hyaluronic acid that will help skin cells stay hydrated even longer.
Step 3: Even your skin tone with a radiance boosting tinted moisturizer. Aim for a lightweight formula that won’t mask your freckles and personal quirks. The goal isn’t to hide your skin under a pound of makeup but apply a thin veil of translucent color to protect and perfect.
Step 4: For a final dewy touch break out a clear balm and gently dap a touch on the apples of your cheeks, lips and corners of your eyes. This finishing touch will catch the light and brighten up your complexion in all of the right places.

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Silky soft cleansing milk, Thirst relief vitamin serum, All-in-one tinted moisturizer, Organic lipbalm

“A typical morning routine can contain over 200 chemicals. Many chemicals are added to cosmetic formulas to create pleasing textures, scents and colors. These additives can also extend a product’s shelf life. I believe this is unnecessary and potentially harmful. Using synthetic and impure ingredients can be damaging to the skin and body.” Pernilla.

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