STACKED ID BRACELETSfashion_stacked_id_bracelets_atelier_dore_1.jpg

A variation in size and style of ID bracelets from Loren Stewart.

Loren Stewart creates classic and nostalgic jewelry with a renewed experimental bite. Designs are minimal and clean. Pieces can be layered or mixed and matched — they call it “self-curated” style. An essential aspect of the brand identity is about making fine jewelry accessible with a live-in-it wearability.

The jewelry is designed in Loren’s hillside Mt. Washington studio and handcrafted in Downtown Los Angeles where the company works closely with local artisans specializing in all aspects of fabrication and production. The brand is rooted in simplicity of fine materials and small craft production; each item of jewelry is hand-made with love and attention to quality and detail.

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gold ID bracelet, sterling silver XL ID bracelet, sterling silver Bid Daddy ID bracelet, gold itsy ID One Diamond


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