EDITORIAL VOGUE ITALY JULY 2017tumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo4_540.jpgtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo3_540.jpg.pngtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo2_540.jpgtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo9_540.jpgtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo5_540.jpgtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo7_540.jpg.pngtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo1_540.jpgtumblr_ot5fnuLCLC1vstnjqo10_540

Publication: Vogue Italia July 2017
Model: Jamie Bochert, Chloë Sevigny, Mica Arganaraz, Natasa Vojinovic, Karolin Wolter
Photographer: Craig McDean
Fashion Editor: Alastair Mckimm
Hair: Shay Ashual
Make Up: Francelle


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