app006prod-1French biochemist and perfumer Jérôme Epinette, born in Burgundy, is the nose and designer behind ARKET’s single-ingredient scent concepts. Jérôme is a senior perfumer and vice president of perfumery at Robertet Fragrances in Grasse and New York.

The Rosemary body wash is made in Sweden with ingredients inspired by the Nordic flora. Find it here.




After fighting a long illness, Andre has left us.

This time it is not on some photo shoot, somewhere, far, no; this time there will be no delayed flight back, or train. Andre knew it.

He prepared his family, his loved ones, to accept what was inevitable.

He said goodbye to his friends. A brave and courageous way to say farewell.

Andre was a fashion icon. He was always true to himself, to his style, earned the respect of all.

During 32 years we shared a good, strong relationship which ends today, abruptly.

No discussion possible, we are stunned and very sad.

Banana Models remembers the legend





Chloe Mendel is a sixth-generation furrier, but the first in her family to make faux fur the focus of her business.

“I felt like playing with something that was looked at as a nonluxury material, not something that was considered to be high-end, and treating it like a luxury material could elevate it and bring it into a different spotlight and also show people that it can be beautiful too. So it was a challenge and also an homage to my heritage,” said Mendel, whose father is fashion designer Gilles Mendel.

Mendel, 25, and her business partner Gustave Maisonrouge last year launched Maison Atia, an outerwear and accessories label headquartered in New York City.

Every coat sold at Maison Atia provides a homeless puppy or kitten transportation to a no kill shelter.

The Catherine is my favorite faux fur. You can find it here.