Fran Miller spent two years developing and perfecting what came to be F. MILLER, a full line of body care that feels and smells incredibly luxurious yet is completely free of harmful elements. A timeless, refined and highly effective arsenal of essentials, each carefully blended and bottled by hand in small quantities.

Each unique blend is designed to heal, rejuvenate, restore, nourish and balance all skin types. It’s a simple approach to an almost always over-complicated concept – what goes on the body should be as pure as the body itself. F. MILLER is entirely free of synthetic fragrances and colourings, harmful preservatives, sulphates, parabens, pthalates, PEG’s and SLS’s. All products are formulated from the finest raw, nutrient-rich ingredients which are consciously sourced and cruelty-free.




NUI Cosmetics is a vegan, high-performance natural make up for you.  It isn´t that easy to find make-up without synthetic ingredients, which should also be vegan. NUI offers 100% natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free and stylish make up.

Clean Beauty, stylish colors and a modern design combined with premium quality at a fair price. The smooth textures and ingredients are completely vegan and keep your skin healthy.  “NUI” means „great“ (Maori).

Get your glowing make up with the CREAM BLUSH FOR CHEEKS, EYES & LIPS MAWHERO, a soft warm nude-rosé, which is also wonderful as a highlighter.

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cream blush for cheeks, eyes & lips MAWHERO, NUI cosmetics


NATURAL & ORGANIC PERFUME OILStumblr_n0ko9gWTq01r4siero1_1280

Three spring fragrances all containing organic jojoba oil.
ROUGE PIVOINE – a floral fragrance of bergamot, peony and cedarwood. LEMON AMOUR – a fruity citrus scent with apricot and melon notes. VERT DOUCE – a floral scent of sweet orange blossom and green leaves on a cedarwood and cypress base. 3×8.8 ml.
Presented in a gift pack with 5 small cards. Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard.

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3-pack perfume oils h&m




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Rahua Color Full Shampoo, Rahua Color Full Conditioner, Rahua Color Full Hair Mask

100% natural hair care from the tropical rain forest. Color Full™ Shampoo is Rahua’s new shampoo formulated to protect your hair color. A complex of Rainforest grown oils, and enriching mineral pigments sustainably sourced from the Amazon preserve all shades of color-treated hair to maintain the vibrancy of the color. Infused with gorgeous gardenia enfleurage and lavender essences this rich and creamy shampoo provides full spectrum color protection for all shades of color-treated or highlighted hair.
The creamy and rich Color Full™ Conditioner is the perfect complement to the Color Full™ Shampoo.
Color Full™ Hair Mask is formulated to protect and nourish color-treated tresses. A color-enhancing, hair-repairing, glossifying hair mask; formulated to encapsulate strands with the power of rahua, morete and flaxseed oils. Hibiscus Extract provides full spectrum color retention and vibrancy for all shades of color-treated and highlighted hair.

The key to Rahua’s success is its molecular architecture. Unlike most botanical oils which form a layer around the hair, Rahua’s molecular structure is so minute it is able to penetrate the shaft of each individual hair, repairing and softening every strand.




Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenzer Forest, a unique valley in the Alps where the knowledge of the healing powers of nature are passed down from generation to generation. From an early age, she has always been fascinated by the idea of using the intensive effect of the Alpine plant world in a modern manner for beauty, health and comfort. She began to realise this idea in a very special place, the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Hotel Post Bezau. Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, she developed powerful results-oriented products for the applications in this spa from precious natural ingredients. Skin-specific formulas and the greatest possible compatibility were part of the concept from the very beginning. Today, the internationally renowned holistic care line Susanne Kaufmann organic treats comprises more than 60 functional products.

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Herbal Whey Bath Calming, Oil Bath For The Senses,  Herbal Whey Bath NourishingMallow Blossom Bubble Bath




Get the look with a few coats of WINT Mascara in Black, TAGAROT Lipstick in Rose topped with KNUTZEN Lipgloss in Matte Nude creates a powdery beige with a hint of pink. The final touch? A soft, sunny glow like you spent the summer in St. Tropez – courtesy of SUNNE Lifting Modellage Powder in Wide.

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KNUTZEN lipgloss matte nude, WINT mascara black, TAGAROT Lipstick Rose, SUNNE lifting modellage powder Wide

UND GRETEL Natural Organic Make-up