Réalisation makes the anytime, anywhere, throw-it-in-your-bag, go-to wrap dresses and tops. Each piece is 100% silk and each print is 100% original.

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The Cher – Daisy, The Stevie – SunflowerThe Bianca – Navy StarThe Bianca – Black

The Bianca is that little bit of magic that fits us all. We know that’s a really big statement but trust us. This shirt has been sent to every one of our girlfriends: the tall ones, the tiny ones, the ones with boobs and the ones without, and no matter who puts it on, it just works!

The Stevie is an update to our classic Bianca top. Same shape and tie with a bell sleeve. From Rave to Reggae, the Stevie top will make you wanna dance dance dance.

Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot